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Netherlands – weight: 21 kg
(price depends on the number and health status)
Denmark – weight: 30kg
(price depends on the number and health status)



“AMSYL” – is a company operating on the Polish market since 2008. It was established in response to market demand for transportation of livestock. We gained Practice and experience under the name: Meat Processing “Jędrzejewski” at the time of the creation of a new company “Amsyl” operated already on the domestic market for over 10 years. In 2008, we decided to extend one of the branches of our company – domestic and international transport. Our range of services includes Europe, parts of Asia and scandinavian countries. According to the profile of our core business we specialized in the transport of living animals and meat. Particular attention is paid to the safety and comfort of your transported animal – knowing that it is also a living creature that feels and has emotions – just like a man.

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Who do we employ? – Passionate people who love what they do. Always smiling, dedicating themselves 100% to work by creating a team of professionals who can adapt to the individual needs and requirements of everyone – even the most demanding customers.

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Our company is a rapidly growing brand from Poland. New contracts, new cars and new people with relevant experience is a recipe for success of our company.