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Photos of our fleet

19 Jun 2015, Posted by AMSYL in Flota aut

Last week was marked by the painting, renew, refresh, and wrapping the fleet of our cars. Visible effect yesterday could notice the driver on the route Poland – Germany where our newly plastered and refreshed trains went after the animals. Admittedly, some going behind the…

Photos from travel

29 Apr 2015, Posted by AMSYL in Aktualności, Nowości

We are pleased to publish photos of the trip. Increasingly, we will document the various interesting events . The reason ? Well, on a recent trip one of our cows calved so to order arrived about one cow more – and this is a surprise…

As today become a professional driver

13 Oct 2014, Posted by AMSYL in Aktualności, Transport

In Poland recently introduced many changes in courses on driving. Today it looks like training, what conditions must be met to become a professional driver asked Mr. Patrick Tomaszkiewicz of What requirements must be met by a candidate for the professional driver? The aspirant…