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Car sales

passenger cars, large-size and specialized vehicles

Since the beginning, Amsyl has been strongly connected to transport. Specialized oversize load transportation vehicles as well as passenger cars are nothing new to the company. As a consequence, following the change of main business profile, and finding it hard to part ways with the extensive experience in transport, we found our place on the market by selling trucks, construction equipment as well as cars.

Our employees, people of great passion for motorization, are constantly working to fulfill the expectations and requirements of every cliente. As a result, they are constantly updating and enriching the offer regarding the company’s fleet.. They also execute personal orders made by our clients.

There is no doubt that our clients’ finances matter in concluded transactions. Amsyl has a flexible approach to this issue and does not impose the form of financing, but presents the full range of possibilities instead. Being aware of the complicated leasing procedures, the team of the company’s employees will be happy to help the client in order to obtain a bank decision more efficiently. What is more, the buyers in Amsyl company can also get support in the vehicle registration procedure in terms of the required documents. Everyone is guided from the moment of placing an order till the finalization of the process.