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Photos from travel

29 Apr 2015, Posted by AMSYL in Aktualności, Nowości

We are pleased to publish photos of the trip. Increasingly, we will document the various interesting events . The reason ? Well, on a recent trip one of our cows calved so to order arrived about one cow more – and this is a surprise…

What’s new on our new website?

24 Jul 2014, Posted by AMSYL in Aktualności, Nowości, Strona internetowa

On the occasion of the creation of new version of our website we introduced massive changes, which we believe significantly facilitate the process of ordering our services. The first novelty is the ordering system that completely eliminates the use of paper orders. After filling out…

New version of our website

24 Jul 2014, Posted by AMSYL in Aktualności, Nowości

It is the long-awaited day in which we refreshed our website! We decided to build our site completely from scratch by introducing a number of beneficial, in our opinion, changes in graphics and the operating system. We significantly improved the appearance and the first impression…