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As today become a professional driver

13 Oct 2014, Posted by AMSYL in Aktualności, Transport

In Poland recently introduced many changes in courses on driving. Today it looks like training, what conditions must be met to become a professional driver asked Mr. Patrick Tomaszkiewicz of

What requirements must be met by a candidate for the professional driver?
The aspirant should be at least 18, and preferably 21 years. An 18-year-old will have to go a longer training in order to gain the necessary permissions. It should also have a category B driving license and undergo appropriate tests to determine the absence of mental and health to perform work as a driver.

How is the medical examination and psychological driver for the future?
Authorized physician evaluates the general state of health, in particular: the state of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, locomotor performance and mental state. It also notes the existence or absence of eye diseases, hearing and balance, cardiovascular, and diabetes. It also excludes kidney failure and symptoms suggestive of addiction to alcohol or other drugs. It is also required to consult the ophthalmic and vision evaluation study and the phenomenon Twilight glare. If the doctor finds significant deviations from normal health, instructs the appropriate auxiliary tests and specialist consultations.

Psychological test consists of two stages. In the first part carried out tests determining the level of intelligence, divisibility of attention and concentration, determined there are also personality traits and temperament. The second part of this research carried out at the appropriate equipment defining psychomotor performance, eg. The study of reaction time, speed and uniformity assessment of psychophysical response to stimuli, assessment of responsiveness to stimuli sound and light, assessment of velocity, the ability to perceive movement.

What is and what is the difference between training for pre-qualification and pre-accelerated?
The training includes theory qualification in the field of knowledge of the technical characteristics and principles of the safety features of the vehicle. The student gains knowledge about the risks associated with their profession. Acquire practical skills such as optimization of fuel consumption, protection of transported goods, to ensure passenger safety, safe securing of load, application of the provisions relating to the implementation of road transport. Obtaining a certificate of professional competence is a confirmation of completed training.

Exam preparation course in order to obtain an initial qualification includes 260 hours of theoretical, practical classes 20 hours, including 16 hours of driving in traffic and a 4 hour drive in special conditions. On the other hand training before the exam at an accelerated initial qualification includes 130 hours of theoretical, practical classes 10 hours, including 8 hours of driving in traffic and a 2-hour drive on special conditions.

Why the driver is obliged to renew the powers of every 5 years?
The course and driving test does not end with a disposable training and is only beginning to practice. In the light of Polish law, a driver is required to refresh the acquired knowledge every 5 years. Periodic training includes 35 hours of theoretical course in the form of a lecture or in the form of exercises under the supervision of a trainer, using a computer and specialized software supporting the training process. There is also a form of learning in e-learning. In my opinion online courses do not bring the expected results. Our school organizes classroom training, enriching them with the presence of the inspector of road transport, which is oriented in a frequently changing regulations.

What is the Vocational Qualification Certificate?
Vocational Qualification Certificate set out in documents the code 95 is a requirement of the European Union. This means the ability to legally work as a driver. Before the introduction of the said code, the driver during the inspection showed proof of employment, where it was specified expiration date medical examination. Today, driver’s license training have code that is synonymous with the completion of the pre-qualification course. I should also mention that the date of expiry of the license is also the date of the subsequent medical examination.

How can you get the documents authorizing the transport of hazardous materials called. ADR?
In order to obtain the certificate of ADR should be completed with a positive result Refresher course start. The student must be at least 21 years old and meet the requirements specified in the relevant legislation. This exam covers knowledge of the handling of dangerous goods, in particular during the event, as well as preventive measures and actions taken after the accident.

Which category of driving license, your opinion is the most difficult to win? What do you think about the cost of driving in Poland?
If someone wants to become a professional driver that will cope with each category. From my own observations, I can say that most difficulties are candidates for category C. The main problem for them is to acquire as much knowledge of the theory test.

The first driving courses were expensive. This was due to ignorance of driving schools on new theoretical examinations. Our school has invested in a variety of specialists such as nutritionist, BHP-sheep, the main champion of the service, who actively participated in training and have had a direct impact on the knowledge of students. After the first examinations proved that invitations for training these people is necessary so that the costs become lower. Exams were much easier than we expected. I regret that the exchange rate in our country is targeted for the exam and obtain permission. Unfortunately does not prepare for everyday life on the road. As for the cost of training it is much lower than before. This is due to self-sufficiency driving schools. The cost of driving with all the additional charges you can do today in the border of 7000, respectively. It’s still better than a few years ago.

Do you have observed any changes in the amount of reporting to you the candidates?
Downtime in quantities of submitting candidates can be observed when the media begins to boil on the different changes. In the recent period there have been changes in the prices of medical examinations and new theoretical exams. After some time people realize that these changes are not there to go and enroll in courses. Our school has now more willing than in the past. They come to us, people who have completed their studies in order to have security for the future. They proceed from the assumption that work as a driver will never run out.

Thank you very much for the interview.

With Patrick Tomaszkiewicz of talked to Anna Orzechowska of

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