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Get to Know Us


“AMSYL” – is a company operating on the market since 2008, nearly 10 years of experience we have acquired much earlier. Our first activity in which we gathered knowledge and experience, was Meat Processing “Jędrzejewski”. It was there that the gained practice and skills required for the transport of livestock and our first steps in international business.
Year after year we deepened our knowledge and expanded our business. Our company has thrived and been growing both its area and scope of its activities.

Despite the fact that we specialized in the transport of livestock, in 2008 we decided to expand our company with domestic and international transport, that’s how “AMSYL” was founded. We significantly expanded our fleet of cars and vehicles adapted to transport not only animals. The range of our services includes transport of almost everything, but we do not support orders requiring from our drivers ADR requirements. Our transport activity now covers the whole of Europe, parts of Asia and scandinavian countries.

We employ only the best professionals in their fields. The flexibility of our team allows to adapt to individual needs and requirements of the customer, constantly improving our business processes, which is our priority. We are at your disposal and willing to answer bothering you questions.


Our car fleet

All vehicles we offer are in excellent condition and under constant mechanics supervision. The Load of each of the sets is about 22tones. We make every effort to ensure that our cars are extremely well cared and of the highest quality. We currently have 13 trucks of the following brands:
– DAF – FT XF105
– MAN – TGX 18.480
– SCANIA – modele R500 oraz R480
and VOLVO – FH 4X2T.

Our fleet consists additionally of excellent trailers from PEZZAIOLI company that blend in perfectly with our trucks.